Okay so as usual on my long holiday weekends I watch the movie “Mixed Blood” about drug wars in Alphabet City in NYC.  There’s a line from Rodney Harvey’s character Jose that basically says that “Menudo ain’t no pussies.”  on IMDB I believe someone mentioned this very quote and said “well yea cuz Rodney is in the Menudo video for ‘Hold Me’.”  So I’m like yea right, what the hell is he doing in a Menudo video?  So I decide to call this person’s bluff and watch it.  Well holy shit.  In all his yellow half shirt glory it’s Rodney.  Interesting note Robby Rosa and Rodney would later star in the movie “Salsa” 3 years later.  

I understand it was 1985 but c’mon now.  The yellow half shirt with matching head band and short gym shorts?  Yikers.

Be sure to watch the video, with the sound down if you must (while I actually enjoy this song :P) and watch Rodney in the background.  He seems very air born, and he likes to jump on other people’s back.  Very interesting indeed.


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